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Your windows cleaned at eye level for best results!
Your window tracks and screens are Included!
Fast easy no obligation quotes.
All quotes are clear, and upfront.  Same price as on your quote with nothing added by the time were done.
Safe cleaning solutions that won't harm anyone or damage anything
We take our shoes off or wear shoe covers inside. And we're careful around your landscaping outside.
All window cleaning is guaranteed, if we miss anything we're happy to come back out free!
 Our rates are lower than most companies. Prices are per pane, and have been the same since 2001.

 Some companies take short cuts with waterfed poles or extension poles. We clean your windows at eye level with the best equipment.

 Up close at eye level we're able to remove tree sap, bug spots, bird drops, and even paint.
Window quotes are mostly done on site, we just count your panes by walking around the outside of your home.

 Your quote for your windows will have a price for in and out, or outside only. Any windows you don't need done we can take it off our pane count.

 For a quote you don't have to be home we can leave a card with prices on your front door.

 All quotes are kept on file in case you decide to have your windows cleaned at a later date.
YES We Do have a rain day guarantee! 

Rain water will not affect clean windows, Your tap water will. 
Tap water from your home has minerals in it that will spot your windows. Rain water in this part of the world is mineral free, and won't spot your windows.
Cleaning windows in the rain is a little more challenging to see spots or streaks.
 So our guarantee is when the sun comes out even if it's a week later, and you see anything we missed then give us a call.
 Cleaning your windows in the fall or winter is a great time of year. The bugs are gone, the dust has settled, nothing from trees or plants floating around.
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